transient home - My home is an autonomous car.

Transient Home is a platform for redefining the future criteria of car design. It is a speculative project that asks, what if a shared vehicle service offered public access to autonomous mobile homes. Using this scenario as a fictional narrative, I designed the experience of nomadic life in a self-driving car.

The project looks past current driving constructs like steering wheels and vehicle dashboards; instead focusing on artifacts necessary in the home. The Home Hub, is an analogue to household furniture which provides a gathering of surfaces for passengers to act upon. The design intent was to find the new centre for interaction in cars, while removing visual technology from the space, specifically the vehicle dashboard–the congestion of knobs, buttons and screens that speaks towards an interaction rooted in the past. A surface is necessary for deeper interaction with freestanding objects. The Home Hub was born out of these necessities. Looking at functional surfaces like tables, shelves, closets, shoe-racks, umbrella stands. I designed a utilitarian artifact that centralizes passenger and resident interactions within the car-home.


Transient Home is an example of how design can act as a tool for creating dialogue, not necessarily products. Specifically, Transient Home's intention is as a platform for considering the current values that are put into car design and the associated technologies.

The discourse relies on speculation, but also pulls from relatable social circumstance like car-sharing, affordable housing solutions–Japan's Nakagin Capsule Tower, nomadic happenstance–Silicon Valley's Hotel 22, and the automation of consumerism through services like Amazon’s Echo and Dash.