bokashi method - Kitchen counter-top composting.


The Bokashi Method was a four month self-directed exploration in apartment composting solutions. This research was done during my exchange to the LTH Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, Sweden. The project culminated in a works-like prototype, various looks-like renders and a 140 page printed publication of the project.

Bokashi is an old composting technique that uses Effective Microorganisms to ferment organic waste in a faster, more efficient and mess free way.

A unique approach was required to understand the problem space. My research began with a two week long study of the food waste I generated at home. These numbers were cross-referenced with secondary studies to find a ratio that I could begin working with. As well, I began composting my food waste using the Bokashi method to better understand the fermentation process. These insights helped in deciding how to proceed with my physical prototype.